Mid Canterbury Cricket

On this page we have created some simple downloadable coaching resources for junior and youth coaches.

The purpose of these guides is to give our volunteer club coaches some simple batting, bowling and fielding drills that can be implemented across most junior and youth levels to help you enhance your practices.

We also have a couple of examples of how to run a net session or practice session.

Each guide has a QR code for each drill that you can scan with your phone and it will pop up a simple video guide of that drill/exercise to make it easier to understand how it works. These guides can be adapted to your own needs and in most cases try and only use items that most coaches should have available to them i.e. balls, cones, bats.

We think these could be great for that coach who is rushing to practice from work and not sure what they are going to do, so this will hopefully help you to provide an interactive fun training session for your players and add some variety. We hope to add more as they become available.

In general these are simple one or two page guides if you are printing them off and not information overkill. Click the link and a pdf will open which you can save to your computer and/or print out for easy usage.

Batting Drills

 Batting Drills - download pdf of all drills

Hitting Gaps Drill


Watching the Ball


Pulling, Hooking and Cutting


Running between the wickets


Batting against spin - Sweep - Using feet to get to the ball

Bowling Drills

Bowling Drills - Spin & Fast

Fielding Drills

Fielding Drills

Practice Sessions

Warm-up_Game Ideas

Practice Session Plannning Templte

Practice Session Example 1

Practice Session Example 2

Cricket Skills & Techniques

This document has QR code videos of things like front and back foot shots, wicketkeeping, overarm throwing, catching techniques, etc.

Cricket Skills

Other Useful Resources

SmashPlay Games & Resources - 30+ games and videos